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About Ufolep

UFOLEP was founded in 1928 and is today the first French multi-sport federation with 364 000 members, 8 600 clubs, 130 sport activities and 101 local representations

UFOLEP’s aim is to federate sport association and organize at local, regional and national level competitions. Then, as the sport sector of the Ligue de l'enseignement, it is part of the Ligue's educational project of making of each citizen, through sport or cultural activities accessible to all, a citizen aware of nowadays issues. Thus it daily works on making sport activities of all kind:

  • accessible for all (variety of activities, presence on urban and rural areas, intergenerational activities),
  • sustainable and a tool for local development,
  • an occasion to discover other cultures,
  • a path to a better, social and professional, integration,
  • facilitate lifelong learning,
  • a healthier lifestyle.

To reach its goal UFOLEP is structured around a central pillar and two sectors:

1st sector: SPORT – EDUCATION representing our traditional activities with or without competitions (sports and leisure)

2nd sector: SPORT - SOCIETY dealing with making sure that every person can practice a physical activity with four main target groups (seniors, very young children up to 3 years old, disabled people, socially disadvantaged)

The central pillar is for every service used by both sectors (communication, training, statutory aspects…) or transversal issues (sustainable development, International relations….).

UFOLEP wants to give everybody the possibility to practice sports and physical activities of her/his choice, irrespective of age, sex or level of practice, sport being considered as part of culture and a means of education. UFOLEP's major sports activities are gymnastics, football, cycling, basketball, volleyball, swimming, table tennis, judo, dance and athletics. It also has very close connections to the school sports organisation USEP - Union Sportive de l'Enseignemnt du Premier Degre. The motto of the organization is "Tous les sports autrement" (every sport but in a different way), thus embracing the "Sport for All" field. UFOLEP is also actively engaged in international co-operation and exchange.

UFOLEP is convinced that to develop sport participation, there is a need to work on the partnerships between sport organization and local authorities.